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Consequences of Not Paying

Not paying your court fines and/or infringements can have serious consequences.

Licence suspension

Driving under licence suspension is a serious offence which will incur further penalties and could also mean that, in the case of an accident, your insurance company may not cover you.

While under licence suspension for fine default, you are not eligible for an extraordinary licence, which could also affect your job if you need a licence for your work. Drivers suspended while holding a probationary licence will have to sit their driver's licence test again.

You can check online if your driver's licence has been suspended or you can contact the Fines Enforcement Registry on 1300 650 235 (overseas or mobile callers: (08) 9235 0235).

Additional enforcement costs

Additional fees apply during the enforcement process. So, the longer you leave a fine, the more it costs you.

You can pay your fine online or by phoning the Fines Enforcement Registry on 1300 650 235 (overseas or mobile callers: (08) 9235 0235).

Vehicle immobilisation and/or seizure and sale of goods

If you don't pay your outstanding court fines or infringements, the Fines Enforcement Registrar may issue an enforcement warrant that directs the Sheriff to immobilise your vehicle and/or seize and sell your property to recover the outstanding debt.

If you do not pay your court fines - Community service/work and development orders

If you do not have the financial ability to pay, or sufficient property to be seized and sold, you will be served with an order to attend for work and development (community service) for default on a court fine. This will require you to perform six hours work for each $300 that has not been paid. If more than 12 hours work is required, the minimum weekly work period will be 12 hours.

You can pay out the balance of a fine while you are doing a work order. The Community Justice Services office you are attending will give you a 'pay-out' letter that lists the amount of money outstanding. This amount must be paid in full.


If you do not pay your court fine or fail to complete your work and development order, a warrant of commitment will be issued for your arrest and imprisonment.

Last updated: 21-Nov-2017

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