Court Fines

What is a court fine?

A court fine is a fine handed down by a judge, magistrate or justice of the peace in a Western Australian court. You may receive a court fine for an offence such as drink driving, disorderly behaviour, theft or a drug-related crime. The fine may be your whole sentence or just part of it.

When you receive a fine by a court in Western Australia, you must deal with the matter immediately. Unpaid fines may be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry within 28 days.

A fine issued by the court

You can pay your court fine by making a one-off payment for the full amount or by making arrangements with the court for time-to-pay, which will involve making regular payment instalments. Additional fees may apply if you do not make arrangements to pay your fine as soon as you receive it.

When making a time-to-pay application:

Fines referred to Fines Enforcement Registry

If your fine is not paid immediately, your fine may be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry.

The Fines Enforcement Registry then:

Last updated: 21-Nov-2017

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