Electronic Lodgment

The Department of the Attorney General’s web-based eLodgment service enables lawyers and government agencies to lodge a sub-set of documents to the Supreme Court of Western Australia, the State Administrative Tribunal, the District Court of Western Australia and the Magistrates Court of Western Australia.

Registered users can electronically lodge up to 15 main documents in the Supreme Court jurisdiction; the s.13 (7) Commercial Tenancy application in the State Administrative Tribunal; over 80 documents in the District Court jurisdiction and  the claim forms 3 & 4. in the Magistrates Court jurisdiction.

Once a user has been registered, they can log on through the Department's portal. They can navigate to the eLodgment application via the courts portal community and lodge one or more documents. In some instances, where a document contains a large amount of text, they will be required to create this document in Microsoft Word and upload it through the eLodgment application.

Advantages of eLodgment:

To register, please download the Application for eLodgment below, complete it and email to the Courts Technology Group Help Desk. Also, you should download and read the Registration Instructions together with the Electronic Trading Agreement for eLodgment and the Electronic Business Conditions of Use.

Last updated: 27-Jun-2017

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