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Court Lists

Family Court Daily Court List

State Administrative Tribunal Daily Court List

Court listings for the Supreme Court and District Court are available below.

Both courts have listings available in a standard format, as well as a tabular format to assist in sorting court hearings.

Supreme Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format
District Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format

Supreme Court - Daily Cause List

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The daily court list is accurate as at: 21 August 2017

The Court is open to the public.

Court of Appeal - Criminal

Coram:  Mazza J.A. ,  Beech J.A. ,  Hall J.  
 Court No. 3
1 Donovan v. The State of Western Australia (CACR 60/2016)
 For Hearing
2 Donovan v. The State of Western Australia (CACR 36/2017)
 For Hearing

Court of Appeal - Civil

Coram:  Martin C.J. ,  Buss P. ,  Murphy J.A.  
 Court No. 1
1 Samsung C&T Corporation (with Republic of Korea Registration number 110111-0015762) v. Duro Felguera Australia P/L & Anor (CACV 104/2016)
 For Hearing
2 Duro Felguera Australia P/L v. Samsung C&T Corporation (with Republic of Korea Registration number 110111-0015762) & Anor (CACV 108/2016)
 For Hearing

In Criminal

before The Hon. Justice Hall  
 Court No. 2
1 The Queen v. Emeka Paul Okoli (INS 240/2017)
 First Appearance
2 The State of Western Australia v. Troy Jon Mathieson (INS 224/2017)
 First Appearance
3 The Queen v. Truong Giang Nguyen (INS 235/2017)
 First Appearance
4 The State of Western Australia v. Mervyn Annear (INS 223/2017)
 First Appearance
5 The State of Western Australia v. Brendan Leigh Hayden (INS 213/2017)
 First Appearance
6 The State of Western Australia v. Jayden Simmons (INS 213/2017)
 First Appearance
7 The State of Western Australia v. Dusty Liegh Wunderlich (INS 213/2017)
 First Appearance
8 The State of Western Australia v. Nadine Frances Turner (INS 202/2015)
 First Appearance

before The Hon. Justice Archer  
 Court No. 6
State Director of Public Prosecution v. Dal (DSO 2/2015)
 Part Heard

In Civil

before  Master Sanderson  
 Court 907, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Kalaf v. Mallis & Ors (CIV 2009/2014)
 For Hearing

In Chambers

before The Hon. Justice Tottle  
 Hearing Room 608, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Rural Bank Limited v. McCagh & Ors (CIV 1855/2011)
 Strategic Conference

before The Hon. Justice Banks-Smith  
 Court 35, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Mining Innovations Australia P/L v. Mining and Building Services Group P/L (CIV 1672/2014)

before  Registrar Davies  
 Hearing Room 903, David Malcolm Justice Centre
1 City of Cockburn v. Swire Cold Storage P/L (CIV 2615/2016)
 Mediation Conference
2 Swire Cold Storage P/L v. City of Cockburn (CIV 2627/2016)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar Whitbread  
 Hearing Room 710, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Montague Holdings (Int) P/L v. Worth (CIV 1801/2017)
 Status Conference

Northern Circuit Court

before  A Supreme Court Judge  
1 The State of Western Australia v. Rodney Brian Edgar (INS 18/2017)
 Trial by Jury
2 The State of Western Australia v. Phillip John Roe (INS 18/2017)
 Trial by Jury

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