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Court Lists

Family Court Daily Court List

State Administrative Tribunal Daily Court List

Court listings for the Supreme Court and District Court are available below.

Both courts have listings available in a standard format, as well as a tabular format to assist in sorting court hearings.

Supreme Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format
District Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format

Supreme Court - Daily Cause List

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The daily court list is accurate as at: 22 September 2017

The Court is open to the public.

Court of Appeal - Criminal

before The Hon. Justice Mazza  
 Court No. 3
Carrick v. The State of Western Australia (CACR 128/2017)
 For Judgment

Coram:  Mazza J.A. ,  Mitchell J.A. ,  Pritchard J.  
 Court No. 3
1 The State of Western Australia v. Maee (CACR 43/2017)
 For Hearing
2 The State of Western Australia v. Aukuso Eteuati Sua (CACR 45/2017)
 For Hearing
3 The State of Western Australia v. Maee (CACR 44/2017)
 For Hearing

In Criminal

before The Hon. Justice McGrath  
 Court No. 7
Batt v. Wigger (SJA 1053/2017)

before The Hon. Justice Hall  
 Court No. 2
The State of Western Australia v. Michael Freeman (INS 35/2016)

before The Hon. Justice Corboy  
 Court 4-1, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, Perth
The State of Western Australia v. Rickie Lee Penny (INS 305/2016)
 Trial by Jury

before The Hon. Justice McGrath  
 Court No. 7
Raval v. The State of Western Australia (MBA 27/2017)
 Application to Vary Bail

In Chambers

before  Registrar Gilich  
 Court No. 4
Haseeb v. Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police & Ors (CACV 78/2017)

before  Registrar S Boyle  
 Hearing Room 710, David Malcolm Justice Centre

Case Management Hearings

In Registrar's Chambers, before  Registrar S Boyle in Hearing Room 710, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 11:00 2  CIV  2071/2016    Fairclough & Ors v Luelf & Anor
At 11:15 3  CIV  2241/2017    City of Gosnells v Mt Barker Nominees P/L & Anor
At 11:30 4  CIV  1608/2017    Hood v The Public Trustee
At 14:30 5  CIV  2861/2016    Members Equity Bank Ltd v Jefferys & Anor
At 14:45 6  CIV  2018/2013    Grljusich & Anor v The Minister for Lands

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