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The daily cause list for 2 October 2014

The Court is open to the public.

Court Type CoramLocation File Number Matter Time
Court 4-3CIV 3757/2011Hughes v. Ruc Cementation Mining Contractors Pty Ltd & Others(Part Heard)At 10:30
Court 1-1CIV 3413/2011Hutch v. Ryan(Part Heard)At 10:30
and a Jury
Court 5-1IND 338/2014The Queen v. Louise Jean TARENTO(Trial with Jury)At 10:00
Court 3-1IND 18/2013The State of Western Australia v. James CHRISTIE(Prerecording of evidence)At 10:00
and a Jury
Court 7-1IND 1312/2012The State of Western Australia v. Andy MANNAH(Trial with Jury)
The State of Western Australia v. Cyrill MANSOUR(Trial with Jury)
The State of Western Australia v. Serji MANSOUR(Trial with Jury)
The State of Western Australia v. Stanley William James NICHOLLS(Trial with Jury)
The State of Western Australia v. Niraj SINGH(Trial with Jury)
At 10:30
and a Jury
Court 3-4IND 62/2014The State of Western Australia v. Martin Carl FINN(Trial with Jury)At 10:00
Court 5-2IND 548/2014The State of Western Australia v. Dinh Tuan DANG(Examination of witness)
The State of Western Australia v. Joshua Jamaine LITTLE(Mention)
At 10:00
Court 2-2IND 848/2014The Queen v. Andy Kay Hooi LIM(Sentencing)
The State of Western Australia v. Karl Anthony BALDINI(Sentencing)
The State of Western Australia v. Scott Steven GOLDSWORTHY(Sentencing)
The State of Western Australia v. Travis Stewart SCOTT(Sentencing)
The State of Western Australia v. Christopher John SALEH(Sentencing)
At 10:00
Court 7-2IND 728/2014The State of Western Australia v. Richard Ludwick MISKIEWICZ(Mention)
The State of Western Australia v. Joseph Christopher MCCARRON(Application)
The State of Western Australia v. Shahram FARAHMAND(Mention)
The State of Western Australia v. Nicole Marie LACCO(Application to Vary Bail)
At 10:00
Court 6-1IND 1247/2013The State of Western Australia v. Todd William DOUGLAS(Examination of witness)At 10:00
Court 3-3IND 169/2014The State of Western Australia v. Ian Andrew JOHNSON(Sentencing)At 09:15
and a Jury
Court 3-3IND 77/2014The State of Western Australia v. John MCCONNELL(Trial with Jury)At 10:00
Court 3-2IND 127/2013The State of Western Australia v. Timothy Ian WATSON(Prerecording of evidence)At 10:00
Directions HearingsMelville 
Court 1-2CIV 1997/2013Blair v. HassettAt 14:15
Hearing Room 101CIV 2361/2014LG Accounting Solutioins Pty Ltd & Another v. DufallAt 09:30
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 2238/2012Leahy v. Insurance Commission of Western AustraliaAt 09:30
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 442/2013Edwards v. RowcroftAt 09:30
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 2441/2013Litt v. Harrison & AnorAt 09:30
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 3609/2013Beddows v. Home Group WA Pty LtdAt 09:30
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 313/2014McGregor v. Electricity Networks CorporationAt 09:30
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 1035/2014Tuliau v. HopkinsAt 09:30
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 807/2013Van Der Merwe v. StonehouseAt 10:00
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 3132/2013Regan v. SieberAt 10:00
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 3468/2013Morris v. TocockAt 10:00
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 3940/2013Cooper v. Le & AnotherAt 10:00
Pre Trial ConferencesKingsley 
Level 1CIV 75/2014Cockell v. WebsterAt 10:00
Registrars ChambersMelville 
Court 1-2CIV 1475/2008Thornton v. Newcrest Mining Ltd & OthersAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersMelville 
Court 1-2CIV 1265/2012Kennedy v. Hampton Transport Services Pty LtdAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersMelville 
Court 1-2CIV 2820/2014Sime Darby Fleet Services Pty Ltd v. RankinAt 09:30
Registrars ChambersMelville 
Court 1-2CIV 3007/2013Smith v. SeamanAt 10:00
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