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Find a Justice of the Peace

If you need to have a document witnessed, the best place to go is a Document Witnessing Centre where a Justice of the Peace (JP) will assist you. There are Document Witnessing Centres located at many metropolitan and regional locations. To locate a Document Witnessing Centre, go to the link below. The link shows centre addresses, phone numbers and opening days and times. It is recommended that you contact a centre before attending to ensure that a JP is available.

If you are unable to attend a Document Witnessing Centre, you can contact a JP who lives or works in your area by using the search facility below. There are JPs in most of Western Australia's suburbs and towns, as well as in other states and some foreign countries.

Alternatively an automated telephone answering service (1300 657 788) can provide you with the relevant information.

Updates to JP details can be made by calling (08) 9425 2524, facsimilie (08) 9425 2771, or email.

The information in these listings is provided by the individual JPs. Whilst the data on the website is refreshed on a weekly basis, the Department does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

When contacting JPs, please keep in mind they are volunteers who provide their services to the community free of charge. While they make themselves available as much as possible, they have the same type of work and personal commitments as any other person.

Search for a JP

Enter either the suburb/town or postcode in the search boxes provided, do not enter both, then click on the search button below. A list matching your request will be displayed.


You may also search for a JP using any of the following criteria.

Interstate or International West Australian JP

A small number of JPs reside Interstate or overseas. The documents that these JPs may witness outside of Western Australia is limited.

If you are overseas, a prescribed consular official who is performing official functions at that place can witness affidavits and statutory declarations.

If you are looking for an interstate or internationally based WA JP, select the appropriate link. A drop-down box listing all states or countries will appear.

Choose the state or country you are in, and then select "show list", and a list matching your request will be displayed.


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